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How we build our Scarecrows - Revised Oct. 9, 2013


Scarecrow Parts


This plan contains revisions. We had the opportunity to build a few scarecrows from the previous plans and realized we needed a few edits.

Scarecrow Parts 

Pumpkin Head - we bought ours at a local discount store and then cut it to mount on the top of the 2" x 4" A .

Assembly tips: pre drill holes for the 2" exterior screws or your wood can split. Place two screws in each C joint when screwing the arms together.

Wrap the joints with duct tape firmly to give more support to the elbow. If any screws are exposed cover them with black duct tape.

We also paint our wood black.

A. (1) 2” x 4” x 8’; 
B. (1) 2” x 2" x 33.5" (Chest); center on 16.5" from top
C. (4) 23” Strapping (Arms); 35 degrees for raised arms
D. (1) 24” Strapping (Waist); center on 41" from top
E. (1) 21” Strapping (Rib); center on 21" from top
F. (1) 21” Strapping (Rib); center on 25.5" from top
G. (1) 21” Strapping (Rib); center on 29.5" from top

Supplies needed:
14-16 2" drywall screws and Black Duct Tape

We pull either a t-shirt or a shirt with buttons over the top of the 2 x 4 A and the arm holes B and then pull the t-shirt down until it fits over the bottom "rib" G. We then screw pants to D

H. HANDS - the hands are balls of newspaper around which black duct tape is woven.

The fingers are two coat hangers. Each hanger is bent to be two fingers - looks like bunny ears!

Join the two coat hangers with duct tape and wrap the fingers in duct tape. Attached to the fingers to the hands you built with 2-2" drywall screws.

The hands are screwed onto the end of the strapping C.

Attach to your property.

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Just decorate your home or business for the season.
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