About Scarecrows of the Port
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About Scarecrows of the Port
Scarecrows of the Port Mission:
To encourage members of the community to create harvest-themed displays in order to enhance and extend the fall experience while promoting the vitality of the Seacoast for residents and visitors alike.

SCARECROWS OF THE PORT is a grass-roots event, and is the culmination of ideas brought forth by representatives of the following organizations: Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce; Downtown Business Association; West End Business Association; State Street Business Association; Deer Street Merchants Association; Tenants Association at Pease; and Seacoast Buy Local.

On May 14th, 2008 Renee Riedel-Plummer, of Two International Group and Social Director of the USS New Hampshire Commissioning Committee, addressed the monthly meeting of the Downtown Business Association. She announced plans for the late October 2008 commissioning of the USS New Hampshire and gave an overview of activities that were just starting to take shape. Renee then challenged members of the business community to introduce a new fall event for Portsmouth which would capture the imagination of the visitors to our city. This was the genesis for Scarecrows of the Port.

Renee's challenge was taken up by representatives of several business organizations of the Seacoast. Among those attending the first meetings were representatives of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Association, Deer Street Merchants Association, State Street Business Association, West End Business Association, Tenants Association at Pease, and Seacoast Local.

Soon a concept began to take shape. Building on the unique scarecrows created and displayed for the past several years by Paul Ford of Regal Limousine in North Hampton, Scarecrows of the Port would continue this unique display throughout Portsmouth. With limited time and resources, the committee funded and constructed a limited number of scarecrows and placed them throughout the business district, and invited businesses and residents alike to create their own displays to share with others. In addition, a community kick-off event was held in the West End business district to begin the celebration.

With the support of our community, the sky is the limit!

Mayor's Award

In 2011, the Honorable Mayor of Portsmouth Thomas Ferrini awarded the Scarecrows of the Port the Mayor's Award "In appreciation to the Scarecrows of the Port organization for its community building efforts and creative and festive contribution to the City's landscape for the past 4 years."

We were both thankful and humbled at Mayor Tom Ferrini's kind gesture towards our organization. Thank you Mayor Ferrini!

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